Brian Blount

BRIAN BLOUNT has spent the last twenty years equipping and training individuals, teams, and churches in healing, power evangelism, and prophetic ministry. He has traveled many places throughout the United States and internationally. He is a husband and the father of six children, the youngest three of which are triplets. He is a business owner and has co-authored a book on power evangelism called From the Sanctuary to the Streets. Brian is passionate about living a lifestyle of looking, listening, and responding to God’s activity around him and teaching others to do the same. Brian is currently a part of the senior leadership team at Crestwood Vineyard, which he along with a team planted in 2013 in Oklahoma City, OK, where he and his family live. 

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From the Sanctuary to the Streets: Insights and Adventures in Power Evangelism - Charles Bello and Brian Blount

From the Sanctuary to the Streets is a practical guide written to propel the reader into a lifestyle marked by intimacy with God and power evangelism. Through teaching and personal stories, the authors share with humor and honesty their own efforts to embrace the empowering activity of the Holy Spirit. As the authors state, "We are not called to be spiritual recluses or trail blazing burnouts. Rather, we are called to be friends of God who live a life of intimacy and impact as we simply do life with God in a naturally supernatural way."

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