A Weekend of Kingdom Encounters is a two day event that fully immerses participants in the experience and lifestyle of Kingdom Encounters. The first evening of the journey begins with inspirational teaching followed a time of ministry and impartation. The second day involves hands-on training and experience with power ministry. You will receive instructional teaching followed by team-led outreaches into the local community.

Through teaching and equipping, personal ministry, and a planned group outreach, this two-part event offers practical and experiential training in living a lifestyle of power evangelism. To find out more information or to host A Weekend of Kingdom Encounters, please contact us.

"Last spring, we invited Brian Blount to our church for a conference. Brian was a joy to learn from—honest, down to earth, refreshingly straightforward, and without a bit of hype. Brian's teaching on power evangelism is theologically sound, firmly rooted in the kingdom of God, and very practical. For Brian, kingdom ministry is not something to be scheduled but something that happens as we go about our everyday lives. He walks out the tension of the future invading the present as well as anyone I have heard. He came not only to teach us about kingdom ministry but also, with the help of his team of gifted, enthusiastic, humble young men and women, to lead us out of the safety of the church into the streets of our city to do it. The results were life-changing. I would recommend Brian Blount and his team wholeheartedly."
Bill Elander, senior pastor 
   Vineyard Christian Fellowship, New Haven, CT

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