Jack Moraine—Senior Pastor, Vineyard Community Church, Gilbert, AZ
Southwest Regional Leader, Vineyard USA and Author of Healing Ministry: A Training Manual for Believers

"Brian is the 'real deal' when it comes to bringing God's love and power into people's lives in the public square. One of the things I most appreciate about Brian is he not only teaches and demonstrates the ministry of Jesus, but he also trains and equips others to do the same in the course of their everyday lives. I believe this Kingdom Encounters DVD will encourage, envision, and equip you to bring the ministry of Jesus where it's needed most-to those who have never experienced the reality of His presence and power."

Charles Bello—Senior Pastor, Crestwood Vineyard, Oklahoma City, OK
Author of Prayer as a Place and Recycled Spirituality

"I have ministered alongside and done life with Brian for more than 17 years. His desire to bring God's love and power to people outside the four walls of the church is only matched by his desire to see others equipped to do the same. Brian carries the passion of an evangelist and the heart of a pastor. He is proof that God can use an ordinary businessman to do the supernatural works of Christ. He is a faithful husband and a loving father to six children. I unreservedly endorse Brian."

Putty Putman—Founding Director of the School of Kingdom Ministry 
Author of School of Kingdom Ministry Manual and creator of Kingdom Insights 

"I count Brian and his wife, Jeanine, as friends and ministry partners. Brian has taught at our school, and I have personally witnessed the fruit of his ministry in the lives of our students. One of the things I love most about Brian is that he exemplifies 'everybody gets to play.' He is a normal guy with a secular job who God uses powerfully to minister to others outside the four walls of the church. He is a gifted practitioner, but is equally gifted as a trainer and equipper. His life demonstrates that normal people can live a naturally supernatural lifestyle, and his teaching shows you how to get there. I would recommend Brian's ministry to anyone who wants to grow personally or to leaders who wish to move their people forward corporately in demonstrating the love and power of Jesus to those around them." 

Jeff Newman—Senior Pastor, Austin Vineyard, Autstin, TX

"Brian Blount brought Kingdom Encounters to the Austin Vineyard and blew the doors off our church family! I heartily endorse Brian to bring this 3-day event (includes Sunday) to your church. He and his team activated many Austin Vineyardites in prayer and healing within the church and outside the church. The training was superb and relevant to our church family, whether they were first timers or practitioners in power evangelism and healing. A powerful component to Brian's ministry was the team of 25 folks he brought with him from the Oklahoma Vineyard church. There was great cross-pollination between the team and our church family has they were hosted by our church families. It added a powerful dimension to our whole experience. Brian delivered the goods and left the Austin Vineyard 'doing the stuff'!  You will not be disappointed!"  

Bill Elander—Senior Pastor, Vineyard Christian Fellowship, New Haven, CT

"Last spring, we invited Brian Blount to our church for a conference. Brian was a joy to learn from—honest, down to earth, refreshingly straightforward, and without a bit of hype. Brian's teaching on power evangelism is theologically sound, firmly rooted in the kingdom of God, and very practical. For Brian, kingdom ministry is not something to be scheduled but something that happens as we go about our everyday lives. He walks out the tension of the future invading the present as well as anyone I have heard. He came not only to teach us about kingdom ministry but also, with the help of his team of gifted, enthusiastic, humble young men and women, to lead us out of the safety of the church into the streets of our city to do it. The results were life-changing. I would recommend Brian Blount and his team wholeheartedly."

Robert Stovall— Senior Pastor, Hope Vineyard Church, St. Louis, MO

"We had Charles Bello and Brian Blount in for a Sanctuary to the Street Conference, and it was one of the most amazing conferences we have ever had. Charles did a fantastic job of showing the need to press into our inner life with Jesus to find our identity, hope and healing. Brian’s demonstration of the simplicity of inviting the power of God into the brokenness around us was astounding. They both taught, modeled and encouraged us to be naturally supernatural. Our hearts were won over by their authenticity, approachability, and humility. These guys are the real deal! We look forward to many more encounters with Charles and Brian."    

Cliff King—Senior Pastor, New Horizon Vineyard, Rowlett, TX

Brian and his team exceeded every expectation that I had hoped for when they came to minister at New Horizon Vineyard Church. His desire to not just minister but help create a movement showed through in everything he did. His relational style of teaching both equipped and encouraged the church. And having a team of people from his church model it inside and outside the church walls created in our people the belief that they could do it to. I believe we will see our time with Brian and his team as a turning point at New Horizon Vineyard Church.